Truck Mount Accessories

Truck Mount Accessories include Synchroflo Automated Flow Control with GPS or Radar Speed Sensor.
Radar Syncroflow A last… automatic flow control without any wire connections to the vehicle! Our most popular truck mount accessory.

For years Curtis Dyna-Fog has been offering the Syncroflow automatic flow control system. Now, the same proven technology can be used easier than ever before. By using a Radar sensor, a signal is sent from the sensor to the road surface and reflected back. As vehicle speed increases, so does the speed of reflected signal. Using the sprayers own electronics, this signal is converted to electrical pulses that control the formulation pump speed without connecting any wires to the vehicle or speedometer system!

By simply actuating a toggle switch from Syncroflow to Manual mode, the Syncroflow System can be turned off and flow is then controlled manually by adjusting pump output. When in the Syncroflow mode, flow is correlated to vary proportionately with vehicle speeds from 5 to 20 MPH (8-32 km/hr). When the Syncroflow System is switched ON, electronic pulses are fed from the radar sensor to the formulation pump. As the vehicle moves faster or slower these pulses increase or decrease in frequency which in turn cause the formulation pump output to proportionately increase or decrease the fluid flow.

Sewer Attachment Kits

Machine Covers
A durable all-weather resistant polyester cover to Proect the machine from dirt and weather when not in use.
Silkscreened for a professional appearance.

P/N 63487 to fit Typhoon I and 2
P/N 64926 to fit Maxi-Pro 2D and 2G
P/N 49100 to fit Model 1200
P/N 63168-1 to fit Maxi-Pro
P/N 63168-2 to fit Dyna-Jet L30
P/N 63997 to fit Mini-Lite