The Responsible Way To Spray

Dyna-Jet L-30 Now Available!  The world’s most technologically advance ULV applicator.

The DYNA-Jet L-30 is an entirely electric powered ULV generator that offers tremendous advantages over conventional ULV technology.  The heart of the system is the digitally controlled high-speed rotary atomizer that produces the industry’s most consistently sized spray droplets not achievable by conventional nozzles.  In addition, it features a unique remote controlled tilting head that allows for multi positioning of the spray.

The L-30 is the most effective weapon in your mosquito arsenal.   Find out more …   L-30 Spec Sheet (.pdf)

Hurricane ES is here!

Hurricane ES

We are pleased to announce the awaited release of the Hurricane ES. The Hurricane ES is an innovative product that represents one of the worlds first low-cost hand carried electrostatic sprayers. You can find more information about it under “Electric Cold Foggers.” Several of our products have been tested and approved by the WHOPES (World Health Organization Pesticide Evaluation Scheme). While always evolving, we strive to produce our products to these international standards. We also recently released “Dyna-Trax 2 GPS”. Dyna-Trax 2 enables virtually any sprayer to be brought up to the latest recording and reporting standards required by the EPA and many local authorities. Please click on the Dyna-Trax 2 link for more information.

Did you know? Dyna-Fog is one of the worlds largest producers of Light Traps for monitoring mosquito activity. We are the manufacturing source for these and many more products. From hand carried to vehicle mounted, contact us to receive information on the more than 100 different models we offer.

Product Green Initiative

green initiative

To help bring awareness to the issue of responsible product design and useage, we created the new Product Green Initiative or PGI.  We would like to hear about your efforts as well. Let us know how you have utilized Dyna-Fog equipment to assist your operation in addressing responsible application and we will post it on our website to help benefit others.