Hurricane Ultra II ULV Mister

Hurricane Ultra II

The Hurricane Ultra II ULV mister is an electric portable aerosol applicator that dispenses both oil and water-based products. The Hurricane Ultra II is ideal for use in spraying industrial and residential areas. Farms, greenhouses, warehouses,animal care facilities, sanitation, germicidal spraying and disease control programs are just a few of the markets where the Hurricane Ultra II is used.
• Rugged design handles corrosive liquids and heavy impacts.
• Solid stainless steel metering valve for delivering precise outputs and maximizing use of chemicals
• Low profile tank design virtually eliminates tipping…empty or full!
• Droplet sizes can be controlled for both ULV spraying and residual spraying.
• Hurricane Ultra II will replace the Hurricane, Hurricane Ultra, Sanitizer and Anileator.

Anileator orifice kit must be purchased separately and installed. Anileator orifice kit part # 62234.

Hurricane Ultra II Sales Sheet